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Weekly economic calendar: Key data from around the world

Weekly economic calendar

(London time)

Monday, May 13th

It is expected that on this day, April statistics concerning the money supply and the nominal value of loans issued from China will be released. However, traditionally, there is a delay of several days before these statistics are made available, diverging from their scheduled release date.

Following this, at 10:00 AM, the European Commission will release its spring economic forecasts, which are eagerly anticipated and could impact European financial markets.

Tuesday, May 14th

The morning will bring the final Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation reading for Germany. According to preliminary figures from April, inflation in Germany has been stubbornly below the European Central Bank’s target of 2%. Simultaneously, the United Kingdom will disclose data concerning average weekly earnings for March.

This data provides insights into the earning trends and economic conditions affecting the UK workforce. By 10:00 AM, attention shifts to Germany again for the publication of the German ZEW index, which is a significant economic sentiment indicator often used by investors to gauge economic trends.

At 1:30 PM, the United States will release the Producer Price Index (PPI) for April. This index is a vital indicator of inflation at the wholesale level and often precedes the more widely followed Consumer Price Index (CPI) data, providing early signals about inflationary trends in the economy.

Wednesday, May 15th

At 7:00 AM, enthusiasts of macroeconomic data can expect the release of the Swedish Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation data. This data remains an essential watch point, as it continues to fall short of the Riksbank's 2-percent inflation target.

Later, Eurostat will release industrial production figures for March within the EU and the first revision of GDP statistics for Q1. The initial GDP figures have indicated a potential economic rebound in the Eurozone, marking an end to nearly two years of economic stagnation and mild recession.

The major event of the day, scheduled for 1:30 PM, is the release of CPI inflation data from the United States. Contrary to the Federal Reserve’s inflation target of 2%, inflation has been on an upward trajectory since the beginning of the year, posing challenges to monetary policy.

For instance, the Cleveland Fed's model reported a rise to 3.50% in April, with preliminary estimates for May even higher at 3.56%, indicating persistent inflationary pressures. The day will also feature the release of April's retail sales data and the NY Empire State Manufacturing Index for May.

Later, at 3:00 PM, the U.S. will release the NAHB housing market index and March data on inventories of unsold goods. Additionally, Federal Reserve officials are scheduled to give speeches in the evening, which could provide further insights into the Fed's views on the economic outlook.

Thursday, May 16th

Overnight, Japan will announce a preliminary estimate for its Q1 GDP, providing an early indicator of the country's economic performance at the start of the year. At 5:30 AM, Japan continues with the release of its industrial production data for March, offering insights into the health of the manufacturing sector.

By 9:00 AM, Italy will release its final CPI inflation data for April, expected to be under 1% year-over-year, reflecting subdued inflationary pressures in the Italian economy.

The afternoon will see a flurry of macroeconomic releases from the United States, starting at 1:30 PM with the publication of housing data, including building permits and housing starts, as well as the Philadelphia Fed index and weekly jobless claims, which are closely monitored for early signs of change in labor market conditions.

This is followed by the release of industrial production figures for April at 2:15 PM. The day will also include several speeches from Federal Reserve officials, which are likely to be closely analyzed for any shifts in policy outlook.

Friday, May 17th

Before the break of dawn, at 3:00 AM, a comprehensive set of Chinese macroeconomic data for April will be released. This includes property prices, urban investment levels, industrial production, and retail sales, providing a broad snapshot of the economic activity in China. At 11:00 AM, Eurostat will follow up by releasing inflation data for all EU countries, offering a comprehensive view of inflationary trends across the continent.

For those interested in precious metals, the day will also feature the release of the annual "In Gold We Trust" report by Incrementum. This report is highly regarded in the gold investment community and provides in-depth analysis and forecasts about the gold market, influencing investment strategies and perspectives on gold as an asset class.



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