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Unveiling AI-predicted trajectories for Gold prices in 2024

AI-predicted trajectories for Gold prices

Gold has garnered a reputation as a secure harbor where investors find it prudent to allocate their capital, shielding it from potential substantial losses. The esteemed status of gold stems from its recognized role as a reliable hedge against both inflationary pressures and the unpredictable fluctuations in currency values. Unsurprisingly, the financial market is keenly interested in understanding the current and future dynamics influencing gold prices. This curiosity prompted "Finbold" to seek insights from two prominent chatbot entities regarding the potential trajectory of gold prices in the year 2024.

ChatGPT, one of the chatbot entities, delineated three plausible scenarios. The most probable, as outlined by the artificial intelligence, envisions gold being valued within the range of $2100 to $2200 per ounce, signaling an increase ranging from 2.2% to 7%. A more optimistic and bullish projection suggests that gold might attain a price between $2250 and $2350 per ounce by the close of 2024, reflecting a more substantial increase of 9.5% to 14.4%. Conversely, the pessimistic scenario foresees a potential decline, with gold prices hovering in the range of $1900 to $2000 per ounce, indicating a decrease of 2.7% to 7.5%.

On the other hand, Google Bard, another sophisticated chatbot, proposed three alternative scenarios. The neutral scenario posits that the price of gold per ounce could reach $2075 by the end of 2024. In a more optimistic scenario, gold is valued at $2120 per ounce, reflecting a 4% increase. Conversely, the pessimistic outlook suggests a potential decline, estimating that gold prices could drop to $2005 per ounce, marking a 3% decrease.

Within the response generated by Google Bard, insightful perspectives were offered. It mentioned that inflationary pressures might lead central banks to adopt a more predatory approach. Moreover, a deepening recession could prompt a policy shift, increasing the allure of gold as an investment. The anticipated trading range is expected to be confined around $2075 per ounce, with the possibility of an uptick to $2120 per ounce should the Federal Reserve institute changes, or a downturn to $2005 per ounce if inflation remains robust.

While both ChatGPT and Google Bard are remarkable tools, it is crucial to acknowledge the inherent limitations of artificial intelligence. Investors are cautioned against placing complete reliance on AI-generated forecasts. Despite incorporating historical data, there exists no absolute guarantee that past patterns will be replicated in the future. Hence, investors are encouraged to view such predictions as valuable insights rather than unequivocal truths, always supplementing them with additional information to make well-informed decisions.


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