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Trump triumphs, Biden's surprise win – Election showdown unveiled!

Trump triumphs, Biden's surprise win – Election showdown

Former President Donald Trump emerged victorious in the Republican primaries in New Hampshire, triumphing over his opponent, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley. Simultaneously, President Joe Biden secured a win in the Democratic primaries, despite not formally participating in the state.

These outcomes are based on forecasts from election centers that considered partial results. Notably, Haley, despite facing defeat in this critical race, declared her intent to remain in the ongoing competition.

The precise margin of Trump's triumph is yet to be fully determined, but the Associated Press reports that his victory is considered inevitable. With approximately 28% of the votes tallied, Trump has garnered over 55%, while Haley trails with just under 43%.

A noteworthy achievement, Trump becomes the first Republican primary candidate in decades to secure victories in both Iowa and New Hampshire's initial primary races.

The New Hampshire race held significant weight, being perceived by many commentators as a pivotal moment for Haley and a prime opportunity for success due to the state's relatively moderate electorate.

Despite the setback, Haley affirmed her commitment to the election and announced her participation in the upcoming race in South Carolina, her home state and where she previously served as governor.

During her speech, where she congratulated Trump on his victory, Haley voiced her support for several of Trump's policies during her tenure as ambassador. However, she criticized him for bringing chaos, asserting that he is the sole Republican candidate at risk of losing to Joe Biden.

Additionally, she questioned Trump's age and raised concerns about his mental capabilities, emphasizing that chaos within the Republican ranks cannot rectify the challenges presented by Biden's administration.

In response to Haley's comments, Trump expressed his discontent on his social media platform, TRUTH Social, stating that Haley had asserted the necessity of winning in New Hampshire but failed to do so. He went on to suggest that she suffers from delusions.

On the Democratic side, Biden secured a decisive victory despite his decision to boycott the vote and not appear on the ballots. After counting 39% of the votes, nearly 70% of participants opted for a candidate not featured on the ballot, namely Biden, while 21% voted for Congressman Dean Phillips from Minnesota.

Notably, party authorities did not sanction the primaries in New Hampshire this year, altering the election calendar to prioritize South Carolina as the first official race, breaking from the tradition of commencing with disproportionately "white" Iowa and New Hampshire. The results in New Hampshire will not impact the party convention scheduled for August in Chicago, where the Democratic Party will formally select its presidential candidate.


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