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Market rally: Silver soars, Dow tops 40k, new iPhone on the horizon

Market rally

The last trading session of the past week was characterized by gains across various markets, not limited to the major stock indices. Notably, silver futures saw a significant surge, generating a robust increase of over 6%. This impressive performance had the potential to overshadow the gains observed in the main stock indices.

Despite this, the Dow Jones Industrial Average continued to be a focal point of discussion among investors and analysts, particularly because it surpassed the notable 40,000-point threshold. This milestone is significant as it reflects investor optimism and confidence in the market, despite underlying economic uncertainties.

The major markets on Wall Street concluded Friday's session with mostly positive results. Precious metals, including gold and silver, experienced price increases driven by investor expectations of a potential interest rate cut. This anticipation was fueled by recent economic data suggesting a slowdown in inflation, which could prompt the Federal Reserve to ease monetary policy.

In addition to domestic economic factors, geopolitical developments in the Middle East also caught investors' attention. Hamas issued a stern warning to Israel, indicating that hostages would only be released alive if Israel agreed to a ceasefire. This ongoing conflict added a layer of complexity and uncertainty to the market, influencing investor sentiment and trading decisions.

When discussing precious metals, it is impossible to overlook the remarkable performance of silver. On Friday, silver continued its upward trajectory, rising by 6% and reaching its highest trading levels since 2013. The rally in silver and other precious metals was primarily driven by two factors. First, China announced measures aimed at stabilizing its real estate sector, which had been experiencing significant volatility.

These measures boosted investor confidence in the global economic outlook, positively impacting the demand for silver. Second, there were growing expectations of an interest rate cut by the United States Federal Reserve. This sentiment was bolstered by a lower-than-expected inflation report, which suggested that the Federal Reserve might adopt a more accommodative monetary policy stance in the near future.

In the corporate sector, Apple Inc. made headlines with reports that the company is considering the development of a significantly thinner iPhone. This new model could be released as early as 2025. According to the report, the innovative design might be unveiled alongside the iPhone 17, which is slated for release in September 2025.

The potential new iPhone model is expected to be priced higher than the current most expensive model, the iPhone Pro Max, which starts at $1,200. This price point reflects Apple's continued strategy of positioning its products at the premium end of the market, offering advanced features and cutting-edge technology.

In terms of market indices, the S&P 500 showed a modest gain, rising by 0.12%. Among the standout performers was Valero Energy, whose shares surged by 4.77%, marking it as the best-performing stock in the index. Conversely, the Nasdaq 100 experienced a slight decline, losing 0.06%. Dollar Tree emerged as the worst performer within this index, with its shares dropping by 3.29%.

In the foreign exchange market, the euro appreciated by 0.05% against the US dollar, reaching an exchange rate of 1.08725. This movement in currency markets often reflects broader economic trends and investor sentiment towards different regions' economic health and policy outlooks.



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