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Global economic outlook: Key data and events from March 25-29

economic calendar for upcoming week

Monday, March 25:

There will be significant economic updates from the United Kingdom, focusing on the retail sector. The Confederation of British Industry will release information regarding retail sales, offering insights into the consumer market and economic health of the UK.

Additionally, the United States will present crucial data on the housing market, specifically concerning the sale of new homes. This data is an important indicator of the US real estate market's strength and consumer confidence, and it can influence global economic trends.

Tuesday, March 26:

Attention will turn to various international macroeconomic data points. A key event will be the Hungarian National Bank's decision on interest rates, which are anticipated to remain unchanged. This decision is significant for investors and the Hungarian economy, reflecting the central bank's stance on inflation and economic growth.

Furthermore, Spain will announce its GDP growth for the fourth quarter of 2023, with a 2% year-on-year increase expected. This figure is vital for understanding the economic trajectory of Spain.

Meanwhile, in the USA, a preliminary report on orders for durable goods will be released, shedding light on the long-term goods market and consumer spending patterns.

Wednesday, March 27:

This day will be marked by several pivotal macroeconomic announcements. Spain will report its inflation rates and retail sales data, offering a comprehensive view of its economic conditions, particularly consumer prices and spending habits. The expected inflation rate of 2.8% year-on-year will be closely watched as an indicator of the country's economic stability.

In Sweden, the central bank is likely to maintain its interest rate policy, a decision that will impact the Swedish economy and possibly influence European financial markets.

In the United States, there will be a release regarding changes in crude oil inventories, a key factor in global energy markets and prices.

Thursday, March 28:

On this date, a crucial economic indicator will be revealed: the annualized GDP figures of the United States for the fourth quarter of 2023. This data is critical for understanding the overall economic performance and growth rate of the US economy. It influences global financial markets and provides insights into the economic health of the world's largest economy.

Friday, March 29:

This day marks a significant pause in global financial activities, with stock exchanges across Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, and South America remaining closed. This closure reflects observance of public holidays and has implications for global trading and market liquidity.

Additionally, a major highlight will be a speech by Jerome Powell, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve. His address at an event hosted by the San Francisco Federal Reserve branch will be closely monitored by investors and analysts worldwide, as it could provide insights into the Federal Reserve's future monetary policy and outlook on the US and global economies.



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