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Economic calendar: PMIs, Central Bank insights, and key financial reports

economic calendar for upcoming week


The upcoming week will kick off with new data releases on the service sector PMIs from several major European economies including Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the entire Eurozone. Market analysts are expecting these April figures to surpass the neutral threshold of 50 points, which would indicate an expansion in the service sector as opposed to contraction, reflecting a positive economic momentum in these regions.

On the same day, after 1:00 PM London time, the financial world will pay close attention to speeches from two prominent central bankers. Thomas Jordan, who is the President of the Swiss National Bank, and Christine Lagarde from the European Central Bank are scheduled to address current economic conditions and policy outlooks, which could impact financial markets significantly.

In the United States, notable financial disclosures are expected from major corporations including Berkshire Hathaway, managed by the renowned investor Warren Buffett, and Palantir Technologies, a company that specializes in both technology and defense sectors. These reports will provide insights into their operational results for the first quarter of the year.


The next day, May 7, will be critical for financial markets in Australia as the Reserve Bank of Australia is set to make a decision on interest rates. This decision is closely monitored as it impacts currency valuations and overall economic health. Additionally, Switzerland's unemployment rate will be revealed, alongside a batch of significant macroeconomic data from Germany, which includes figures on industrial orders, imports, and exports, providing a snapshot of the economic activity in one of Europe’s largest economies.

Retail sales data will be announced by Hungary, Slovakia, and Eurostat, offering a comprehensive view of consumer spending within the Eurozone. These figures are essential for assessing the economic health and consumer confidence in these regions. Furthermore, the Czech Republic will update on its trade balance and industrial production, which are crucial indicators of the country's economic status and its trade dynamics.

In the United States, a significant economic update will come from the Walt Disney Company, which will present its first-quarter financial results, shedding light on its performance and broader trends in the entertainment industry.


On May 8, insights into industrial production will be provided from Germany, Hungary, Spain, and Norway. These updates are pivotal in understanding the manufacturing output and overall industrial health of these economies, which are significant indicators of economic robustness.

A crucial decision will be made by Sweden’s central bank, Sveriges Riksbank, regarding the interest rates, which is particularly significant given the speculation about a potential rate cut in May or June. Such a move could precede similar actions by the European Central Bank, thereby affecting the Swedish krona and broader financial markets.

In the U.S., notable companies such as Uber, Airbnb, Shopify, and Arm Holdings will release their financial results for the first quarter. These reports will provide key insights into various sectors like transportation, hospitality, e-commerce, and technology, reflecting broader economic trends and consumer behavior.


On this day, the Bank of England will publish a pivotal quarterly report on inflation and will also decide on the interest rates, crucial for the UK economy and pound valuation. The decisions and insights from this report are highly anticipated by financial markets due to their significant implications on borrowing costs and inflation.

From China, investors will receive the latest trade balance figures for April, while the U.S. will continue its weekly updates with the Department of Labor’s report on unemployment benefits. These statistics are vital for gauging the economic conditions in two of the world's largest economies.


A newly released transcript from the European Central Bank's recent meeting will be available on May 10. This document is expected to offer clarity on the ECB’s stance towards interest rate cuts within the Eurozone, providing critical insights into future monetary policy directions.

Also on Friday, the UK's GDP data for the first quarter of 2024 will be released, with forecasts suggesting a 1.4% year-on-year growth. This day will also see several European countries including Britain, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, Turkey, and Sweden reporting on their industrial production dynamics, which are key indicators of economic health and industrial capacity.

Later in the day, the University of Michigan will unveil a preliminary report that includes American inflation expectations and other economic indicators, accompanied by employment data from Canada, which will collectively offer further insights into the economic conditions in North America.



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