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Deutsche Pfandbriefbank faces short seller onslaught – What's next?

Deutsche Pfandbriefbank faces short seller

Short sellers have taken significant positions against Deutsche Pfandbriefbank (PBB), with filings released on Monday indicating that nearly 8% of the bank's shares are subject to these bets as reported by Reuters.

This development has unfolded amidst mounting concerns about the German lender's exposure to the U.S. commercial real estate market, leading to downward pressure on both its shares and bonds.

According to figures published in the Federal Gazette, short sellers, who specialize in speculating on declines in a company's share price, currently hold positions against 7.57% of PBB's shares.

However, it's important to recognize that this reported percentage might not fully capture the extent of short positions, as only bets exceeding 0.5% are required to be publicly disclosed.

Despite inquiries into the matter, PBB has opted not to provide any commentary or response regarding the situation.

Over the weekend, Handelsblatt reported that PBB stands out as the stock within the nation's premier share indexes attracting the highest volume of short bets.

This revelation underscores the heightened level of pessimism and skepticism surrounding the bank's performance and market outlook.



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