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Apple dethroned: Huawei's explosive comeback shakes up China!

Apple dethroned, financial news

In the initial quarter of this year, Apple observed a significant decrease in its smartphone shipments within China, dropping by 19%. This decline represents the most substantial downturn since 2020, occurring amidst an increasingly competitive environment in the premium smartphone sector. The introduction of new products by Huawei, a key competitor, has intensified this competition. According to Counterpoint Research, Apple's percentage of the overall smartphone market in China diminished from 19.7% in the previous year to 15.7% in this quarter. This reduction has nearly aligned Apple's market share with that of Huawei, which enjoyed a dramatic 70% increase in its sales.

The first quarter of the year saw a reshuffling in the rankings of smartphone sellers in China. Apple, previously a leader, was surpassed by Vivo, which climbed to the top position. As a result, Apple slipped to third place in the market standings. Meanwhile, Huawei experienced a significant boost, with its market share soaring from 9.3% to 15.5%. This growth positioned Huawei just slightly behind Apple, closely vying for market share. Honor, another local competitor, managed to capture the second position, indicating a tight competition among the leading brands.

Huawei's recent strides in the high-end smartphone market can largely be attributed to its launch of the Pura 70 series. This new line of high-end phones came on the heels of the successful introduction of the Mate 60 series in August, which was seen as a significant comeback for the company in the premium segment. The Mate 60 series, in particular, has been celebrated as a triumph over the adversities brought by U.S. sanctions. Featuring a sophisticated chip manufactured within China, these handsets are a testament to Huawei's capability to innovate and compete at the global level despite facing significant external challenges.



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