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76 Famous Forex Personalities who shaped the industry

The foreign exchange (forex) market has been shaped and influenced by numerous individuals throughout its history. From legendary traders to influential economists and market analysts, these famous forex personalities have left an indelible mark on the industry. Here are 76 individuals who have made significant contributions to the world of forex:

famous people in forex trading

  1. George Soros - Known for his legendary shorting of the British pound in 1992, earning him the title "The Man Who Broke the Bank of England."

  2. Warren Buffett - Renowned investor and business tycoon who dabbled in forex trading early in his career.

  3. John Bollinger - The creator of the Bollinger Bands, a widely used technical analysis tool.

  4. Richard Dennis - Founder of the Turtle Traders, who proved that trading can be taught.

  5. Jim Rogers - An investor and author known for his insights on international markets, including forex.

  6. Larry Williams - A legendary trader, author, and developer of various trading tools.

  7. Alexander Elder - A psychiatrist turned trader, known for his Triple Screen Trading System.

  8. Joseph Stiglitz - Nobel laureate economist with contributions to international finance.

  9. John Maynard Keynes - Renowned economist whose ideas shaped economic policies, including those impacting forex markets.

  10. Paul Tudor Jones - Famous for predicting Black Monday in 1987 and his macro approach to trading.

  11. Steve Nison - The father of modern candlestick charting techniques.

  12. Stanley Druckenmiller - A former trader for George Soros who achieved remarkable success in the forex market.

  13. Mark Douglas - A trading psychologist and author of "Trading in the Zone."

  14. Ed Seykota - A trend-following trader and one of the original Market Wizards.

  15. Benjamin Graham - The "father of value investing" and mentor to Warren Buffett.

  16. Nial Fuller - A prominent price action forex trader and educator.

  17. Michael Marcus - Another successful trader from the Turtle Traders experiment.

  18. Bill Lipschutz - A former forex trader at Salomon Brothers with exceptional trading skills.

  19. Andrew Krieger - Famous for his massive short-selling of the New Zealand dollar in 1987.

  20. Ed Thorp - A mathematician and hedge fund manager, known for his pioneering work in quantitative trading.

  21. Linda Raschke - A prominent female trader and hedge fund manager.

  22. Van K. Tharp - A trading coach and author of "Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom."

  23. Louise Yamada - An influential technical analyst with expertise in forex and commodities.

  24. John Murphy - Known for his contributions to intermarket analysis and market correlations.

  25. Bill Dunn - A trend-following trader and founder of Dunn Capital Management.

  26. Martin Schwartz - A successful trader nicknamed the "Pit Bull" for his aggressive trading style.

  27. Bruce Kovner - Founder of Caxton Associates and a highly successful forex trader.

  28. Marc Chandler - Chief market strategist at Bannockburn Global Forex, with extensive forex analysis experience.

  29. Robert Prechter - A prominent Elliott Wave theorist with applications in forex trading.

  30. Chris Lori - A professional forex trader and coach, known for his risk management skills.

  31. Richard Donchian - Creator of the Donchian Channel, a popular trading indicator.

  32. William Delbert Gann - An early pioneer of technical analysis and trading methods.

  33. Bill Miller - A legendary investor and former chairman of Legg Mason Capital Management.

  34. Thomas DeMark - The developer of DeMark Indicators, widely used in forex trading.

  35. Larry Hite - Co-founder of Mint Investments and a successful trend follower.

  36. Nicolas Darvas - Known for the Darvas Box trading strategy.

  37. James16 - A prominent forex trader known for his contributions to online forex forums.

  38. Richard Wyckoff - A pioneer in tape reading and technical analysis.

  39. John Person - Creator of the Pivot Points trading strategy.

  40. Jack Schwager - Author of the "Market Wizards" series, featuring interviews with successful traders.

  41. Karen Foo - A successful female forex trader and motivational speaker.

  42. Walter Peters - A psychologist and forex trader, known for his "Naked Forex" approach.

  43. Kathy Lien - An influential forex strategist and author of "Day Trading the Currency Market."

  44. Joel Kruger - A former currency strategist with insights on forex market analysis.

  45. Jared Martinez - Founder of the Market Traders Institute and author of "The Forex Mindset."

  46. Rob Booker - A forex trader and author of "Adventures of a Currency Trader."

  47. Todd Gordon - An expert forex trader with regular appearances on financial media.

  48. Nicola Delic - A prolific forex educator and developer of various trading systems.

  49. Abe Cofnas - A forex analyst and author of "Sentiment Indicators" and "Trading Binary Options."

  50. Rob Hoffman - A prominent forex trader and educator, winner of multiple trading competitions.

  51. Walter Peters - Co-founder of FXJake and an expert in the carry trade strategy.

  52. Ray Dalio - Founder of Bridgewater Associates, one of the world's largest hedge funds.

  53. Courtney Smith - A forex trader and author of "How to Make a Living Trading Foreign Exchange."

  54. Anna Coulling - An educator and author known for her forex and trading books.

  55. Boris Schlossberg - Co-founder of BKForex, a prominent forex advisory service.

  56. Sam Evans - A forex educator and instructor at Online Trading Academy.

  57. Andrew Cardwell - A prominent RSI expert and mentor to traders worldwide.

  58. Mark Boardman - A forex trader and educator known for his price action trading strategies.

  59. Andrei Knight - A forex trader and educator with a focus on technical analysis.

  60. Sam Eder - A forex trader and founder of FX Renew, with expertise in price action trading.

  61. Bruce Babcock - An author and analyst known for his work on forex trading systems.

  62. Jarratt Davis - A prominent forex trader and educator, known for his fundamental analysis approach.

  63. Brian Dolan - A former chief currency strategist at and author of "Currency Trading for Dummies."

  64. Michael Covel - An author and trader known for popularizing trend following strategies.

  65. Walter T. Downs - Co-founder of the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management and a successful trader.

  66. Sam Seiden - An experienced forex trader and instructor, known for his supply and demand trading approach.

  67. Mario Singh - An author and forex educator, known for his "17 Proven Currency Trading Strategies."

  68. Adam Khoo - An entrepreneur and forex educator, known for his comprehensive trading courses.

  69. Brandon Wendell - A forex educator and instructor at Online Trading Academy.

  70. Toshko Raychev - A successful forex trader and developer of trading systems.

  71. Chris Capre - A professional forex trader and founder of 2ndSkiesForex.

  72. Shirley Hudson - A forex trader known for her London Close Trading Strategy.

  73. Raghee Horner - A professional forex trader and author of "Forex on Five Hours a Week."

  74. Brian Shannon - A technical analyst and author of "Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes."

  75. Anton Kreil - A former Goldman Sachs trader and co-founder of the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management.

  76. Alexander Gerchik - A renowned forex trader and mentor.

These famous forex personalities have each contributed in their unique way to the evolution and growth of the forex market. From their trading strategies and technical analysis methods to their books and educational efforts, their influence continues to shape the way traders approach the world's largest financial market.

Remember, the forex industry is continually evolving, and new personalities may have emerged since my last update. Always research and stay up-to-date to find the most recent and relevant figures shaping the forex market.


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