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1-hour global delivery: Alibaba's rocket shipping revolution!

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Space Epoch, a Chinese rocket manufacturer, has embarked on a collaborative project with Taobao, the online shopping platform owned by Alibaba. This partnership aims to develop reusable rockets for express delivery services. The goal is to significantly reduce delivery times for global shipments, potentially making it possible to receive orders within an hour anywhere in the world. This announcement, made on Sunday, signals a groundbreaking step towards integrating space technology with e-commerce logistics.

Currently, the project is in its early experimental stages. The key focus is to design and develop a rocket capable of carrying a substantial amount of cargo. Specifically, Space Epoch aims to build a rocket that can transport up to ten tons of goods, accommodating these in a container with a volume of 120 cubic meters. This information was revealed through a notice posted by Space Epoch on their official WeChat account, indicating the ambitious scope and scale of the project as reported by Reuters.

In the context of this high-profile collaboration, Alibaba, a global leader in e-commerce, has yet to publicly comment on the project. As the parent company of Taobao, Alibaba's involvement is crucial, but their silence on the matter so far has left many awaiting their perspective and confirmation of their role in this innovative endeavor.

For this initiative, Space Epoch plans to use its 'Yuanxing-1' rocket, which has already demonstrated promising capabilities. Last year, this rocket successfully completed key tests, including ignition and offshore recovery. These tests are significant as they validate the rocket's potential for reuse, a critical factor for cost-effective and sustainable space-based logistics solutions.

Space Epoch is gearing up for the next phase of this ambitious project – conducting rocket delivery tests. Although the company is optimistic, they acknowledge the inherent challenges in achieving their short-term goals. These trials are expected to be a major step forward in demonstrating the feasibility of rocket-based delivery systems.

This venture is in line with the strategic objectives outlined by President Xi Jinping for China. He has emphasized the importance of expanding strategic industries, including the commercial space sector. The successful development of satellite constellations for various applications like communications, remote sensing, and navigation is seen as pivotal to China's technological and strategic advancement.

Last year marked a significant increase in China's space endeavors. The country achieved a new record with 67 orbital launches, including 17 for commercial purposes, although one of these was not successful. This was a noticeable increase from the previous year, which saw 10 commercial launches, including two failures. These figures underscore China's growing presence and ambition in the commercial space industry.

In the context of these developments, Space Epoch has successfully secured substantial funding to support its projects. In November of last year, the company raised 200 million yuan, equivalent to about $27.70 million, in its third financing round. This funding is a significant boost for Space Epoch, enabling it to pursue its ambitious goals in the commercial space sector, including the pioneering project with Alibaba's Taobao.



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